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Reading response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reading response paper - Essay Example Indeed, it acts as effective weapon of sexism, especially for women because they live in men dominant society where their personal desires play secondary role to the wider expectation from family and social institutions like marriage. Lesbians and even gays are not accepted and treated with overt and covert violence. Homophobia develops because their preferred sexual identity would make them social outcast and they would be deprived of family, financial aid, safety, community and also stripped of credibility! Most interestingly, as Pharr says, if women even ask for the right to equality vis-a-vis employment, wages, social status, they are liable to be treated as lesbians! Feminism for them is equivalent to man-hater and therefore not acceptable within the broader framework of conservative society. Women surrender their lesbian sexuality out fear and it is time that power and control of social fabric become more equitable. The reforms in the social institution of society must focus on the root cause and not the peripheral issues of women. (words:259) ‘Cat’ by Julie Blackwomon has touched the awareness of burgeoning sexuality amongst girls when they enter their teens. In fact, author has shown that gender differentiation and sexuality among children does not rear its dirty head till parental control become more emphatic and visible. In this case, the protagonist, ‘Cat’ is confused as to why her mother does not want her to play with neighborhood boys. Her insistence to befriend girls of her age, especially one like ‘Sheila’ makes Cat more rebellious. Her adolescence becomes a cause of shame as it would bring in physical changes that would make her gender differences more visible and may alter her relations with her friends who are boys. The author has shown how sexual awareness could challenge social norms imposed by dominant male bastion. The innocent love between two girlfriends gradually turns into sexual awareness leading to lesbian behavior. Indeed, it is very important aspect of our conservative society as it disapproves friendship between genders in adolescents. The restraining environment and parental control may lead girls to experiment their sexuality with themselves as was the case with Cat and Sheila. If children are not forced to segregate in their teens because of the gender, the need to experiment deviant sexual behavior could be averted or atleast minimized. It is important for parents to become more open in their explanation of sex and empower children with information. It would help children to confide their fears and their doubts with their parent rather than explore sexuality in secret and develop preferences which otherwise could have been avoided. (words: 262) ‘Older women: The realities’ by OWL or Older Women League is highly relevant article because it has shown that sacrifices made by women as carers within family are not appreciated by society, especially when they become old. It reveals that in America, women above the age of 65 and above live six years longer than men and mostly alone. Despite spending most of their life in caring for other, they are relatively poor in their old age and live in poverty, unable to support their physical and medical expenses. Due to their family constraints they have lower or no pension, insufficient Medicare and most importantly low social security because they were unable to pay for it during their short employment period. The

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The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks - Essay Example The poem provides an insight into what a mother actually experiences after an abortion and the extent of love that a mother has for her children despite the fact that she never gave birth to them. Gwendolyn Brooks marks the theme of the poem in its very first line which states that an abortion for a mother is an experience of her life that she can never get over with. The first stanza deals with the emotions of the mother in which a mother is explaining about the things that she would never be able to do since she does not have children. The women is presenting with motherly activities that she is longing to perform but would never be able to do that. This can be seen in these lines, â€Å"You will never neglect or beat them, or silence or buy with a sweet.† She is clearly presenting that she would not be able to nurture children due to the abortion which includes looking after them, feeding them and being with them all the time. This shows her remorse over her incapability of performing all the activities with a child that is the desire of every mother. In the next stanza she explains that she understands that she has actually stolen away the rights of children who would have been like other beings in this world and performed all the worldly activities. They would have enjoyed this world and would have started their journey of life like other people which begins with being a helpless child till the time that he grows up and gets engaged in a relationship up to the end of his life when he reaches his deathbed. She knows that she has killed a human life which would have actually developed emotions, feelings and sensations if they had been given the chance to do so. But with all regret she tries to provide an explanation that at that point of her life she had no other choice. She justifies herself with these words, â€Å"Believe that even in my

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Posture Recognition Based Fall Detection System

Posture Recognition Based Fall Detection System A POSTURE RECOGNITION BASED FALL DETECTION SYSTEM FOR MONITORING AN ELDERLY PERSON IN A SMART HOME ENVIRONMENT ABSTRACT The mobile application is capable of detecting possible falls for elderly, through the use of special sensors. The alert messages contain useful information about the people in danger, such as his/her geo location and also corresponding directions on a map. In occasions of false alerts, the supervised person is given the ability to estimate the value of importance of a possible alert and to stop it before being transmitted. This paper describes system for monitoring and fall detection of ELDERLY PEOPLE using triaxial accelerometer together with ZigBee transceiver to detect fall of ELDERLY PEOPLE. The system is composed of data acquisition, fall detection and database for analysis. Triaxial accelerometer is used for human position tracking and fall detection. The system is capable of monitoring ELDERLY PEOPLE in real time and on the basis of results another important parameters of patient can be deducted: the quality of therapy, the time spent on different activities, the joint moveme nt, etc. The system, including calibration of accelerometers and measurement is explained in detail. The Accidental Fall Detection System will be able to assist carriers as well as the elderly, as the carriers will be notified immediately to the intended person. This fall detection system is designed to detect the accidental fall of the elderly and alert the carriers or their loved ones via Smart-Messaging Services (SMS) immediately. This fall detection is created using microcontroller technology as the heart of the system, the accelerometer as to detect the sudden movement or fall and the Global System for Mobile (GSM) modem, to send out SMS to the receiver. INTRODUCTION The leading health problems in the elderly community. They can occur in home as well as in hospitals or in the long-term care institutions [1]. Falls increase risk for serious injuries, chronic pain, long-term disability, and loss of independence, psychological and social limitations due to institutionalization. Nearly 50% of older adults hospitalized for fall- related injuries are discharged to nursing homes or long-term care facilities [2]. A fall can cause psychological damage even if the person did not suffer a physical injury. Those who fall often experience decrease activities of daily living and self-care due to fear of falling again. This behavior decreases their mobility, balance and fitness and leads to reduced social interactions and increased depression. The mortality rate for falls increases progressively with age. Falls caused 57% of deaths due to injuries among females and 36% of deaths among males, age 65 and older [3]. Majority of falls result from an interaction between multiple long-term and short-term factors in person’s environment [4]. Common risk factors include problems with balance and stability, arthritis, muscle weakness, multiple medications therapy, depressive symptoms, cardiac disorders, stroke, impairment in cognition and vision Detection of a fall possibly leading to injury in timely manner is crucial for providing adequate medical response and care. Present fall detection systems can be categorized [7, 8, 9] under one of the following groups: User activated alarm systems (wireless tags), Floor vibration-based fall detection, Wearable sensors (contact sensors and switches, sensors for heart rate and temperature, accelerometers and gyroscopes ), Acoustic fall detection, Visual fall detection. The most common method for fall detection is using a triaxial accelerometers or bi-axial gyroscopes. Accelerometer is a device for measuring acceleration, but is also used to detect free fall and shock, movement, speed and vibration. Using the threshold algorithms while measuring changes in acceleration in each direction, it is possible do detect falls with very high accuracy. Using two or more tri-axial accelerometers and combining them with gyroscopes at different body locations it is possible to recognize several kinds of postures (sitting, standing, etc.) and movements, thereby detecting falls with much better accuracy. An easy and simple method to detect fall detection of ELDERLY PEOPLE is using accelerometer together with ZigBee transceiver to communicate with Monitoring System through wireless network, and in this paper a system for monitoring and fall detection of ELDERLY PEOPLE using mobile MEMS accelerometers will be presented. . The first three functions provide recording in a database, and also a text message is sent to the supervisor with latitude, longitude and other useful data. Afterwards, you can detect the elder person through Google maps. Additionally, an application was implemented for the attending physician, which is connected with the database, through which s/he can obtain a complete picture of the patients’ status, to draw useful conclusions and proceed to possible change in medical treatment. EXISTING SYSTEM: An application for Apple IOS by using an accelerometer to detect falls. A possible drawback is that the development platform Apple IOS is not accessible to the average user. An application in Symbian s60 using machine learning algorithm takes 64 samples every two seconds from the accelerometer and decides whether there is a fall. PROPOSED SYSTEM: In this paper, we designed an application with the ability of automatic fall detection, by using the mobile sensors, warning signal by pressing a button in cases of emergency, detection and automatic notification to supervisors as well as visual display to passerbies. The application uses basically two incorporated mobile sensors, namely the accelerometer and the gyroscope sensor.A counter starts counting loudly on the screen from 30 to 0. If the counter reaches 0, then an SMS message is sent to the caregiver or relative and an entry is made to the Database. The first service detects the patient’s position and calculates whether the patient is further away than a set distance. When activated can give directions to the patient what route to follow to return back to home. APPLICATIONS: Automatic fall detection. Warning if the elder moves away from the place of residence directions given on the map. ADVANTAGES: Elder’s safety can be assured. Fast First aid or medical treatment can be guaranteed. DISADVANTAGES: Device Sensor should be carried out whenever the person moves over. SYSTEM DESIGN Architecture Diagram SYSTEM FOR MONITORING AND FALL DETECTION The whole system consists of a set of sensors (two or more sensors on the patient, usually MEMS sensors) which the patient wears on himself, local units to collect data that are placed in patient vicinity and systems for collecting. The tiny sensors in the strap are capable of measuring user orientation and motion in three-dimensions and it is constantly monitoring and analyzing the signals in real-time looking for movement indicating a fall. From the comparison Table Error! No text of specified style in document. .1, it shows that the system maybe a hindrance to the consumer in terms of price over the years. The aim of this project is to be able to provide equal standard of care at an affordable cost. The system is shown in Figure 1 the space is divided into sections which are defined by interior and exterior of the institution in which a system is operated. Each room is stocked with local receivers. Local receivers collect data from sensors that the ELDERLY PEOPLE are wearing on the clothes. The sensors are small and lightweight. One sensor is located in the upper garment and the other at the bottom. This is not limited to two sensors, if necessary, there may be more, but for the detection of falls to the back the system must have at least 2 sensors Local receivers pass information to the server. The server information is processed local health care service. Personal computers are used to browse the database collected a t the server. The database contains information about the mobility of ELDERLY PEOPLE, treatment efficacy, joints. All these data can be analyzed offline and used to adjust patient therapy. This has served a double function of the system Real-time patient monitoring and early detection of the fall in order to deliver medical assistance as soon as possible. In this application Free scale TM ZSTAR wireless sensing triple axis board is used (Fig. 2). It is very practical because of low power consumption, portability, and the ability to be mounted in small pockets inside the clothes of ELDERLY PEOPLE. Board is divided into sensory and receiver part. The sensor is placed at the patient and is equipped with an accelerometer, microprocessor, and transceiver with the antenna which sends the measurement data to the receiver. The receiver also has a microprocessor that adjusts the signals received through the antenna to send with the USB protocol. These data are sent to the server. The server collects process and stores the data. Each sensor that is connected to the patient is personalized, and its data are stored in a file under persons name to get an overview of all activities and physical stress of the patient FALL DETECTION USING TWO ACCELEROMETERS In this chapter the operation of the system through one of its functions and to the detection of fall will be described. The figures have been simplified for better understanding of the system. The algorithm used is improved algorithm given in, with better detection of backwards falls. Setup for accelerometer fall detection, consists of the measuring sensors with transmitter, receiver and server for data processing and fall detection. The fall is detected by the algorithm described in. It can be seen that fall detection algorithm uses data from both sensors that are monitored at the same time. This algorithm is able to distinguish between falls (forward, back word fall into a sitting position) and the normal daily activity, such as walking, mastering stairs, sitting in a chair, lying walking is also detecting by the sensors. However, these impacts are not isolated, and after them there is no significant change in orientation between the two sensors. Vectors are in the area that will call common zone .if an isolated stoke which causes a change in orientation of the body is detected, or the orientation of certain body parts in relation to the situation before the stroke, then with some certainty it can be said that the fall had occurred. Dataflow Diagram SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Modules details Phase 1 Modules Fall Detection Location Tracking Phase 2 Modules Communication Route Map Integration Fall Detection: The FALL DETECTION is something that we have developed at Alert1 so you can be safe at all times. Whether you are a senior citizen and want to maintain your independence, a concerned family member looking for peace of mind, or a caregiver with patients, this tool has been developed for you. Prevention is key. Use it to inspect and detect hazardous areas in your home that could result in a fall. If you answer no to the questions, you have already taken action to reduce your risk of falling. If you answer yes to any of the questions, consider making the recommended change or adaptation to reduce your risk of falling. Location Tracking: Real-time locating systems (RTLS)are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area. Wireless RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people, and in most RTLS, fixed reference points receive wireless signals from tags to determine their location. The physical layer of RTLS technology is usually some form ofradio frequency(RF) communication, but some systems use optical (usuallyinfrared) or acoustic (usuallyultrasound) technology instead of or in addition to RF. Tags and fixed reference points can be transmitters, receivers, or both, resulting in numerous possible technology combinations. RTLS are a form oflocal positioning system, and do not usually refer to GPS,mobile phone tracking, or systems that use only passiveRFIDtracking. Location information usually does not include speed, direction, or spatial orientation. Communication: The table that maintained the mapping between the agent’s name and the landmark location is shared and updated by the agents who were on nodes within the landmark’s coverage. When the node is not a landmark node, the table is used as a cache table. If communication with the other agent succeeds, the locations and the agent names are registered in this cache table. It is possible for the agent to periodically get the location of the target agent and store it in the cache table. The use of a cache table enables agents to initiate direct communication with each other and reduce the communication overhead to landmarks. When the cache misses, the agent sends a request to the landmark to get updated information. Agents can also delete the information from the cache table. The communication between landmarks is implemented, however we only use this communication to call the target agent when there is no target agent within the coverage area. This primitive is used when the pro grammer deploys agents and makes deployment of agents easy. Routemap Integration: The integration of spatial maps in mobile was investigated using a spatial analog to sensory preconditioning. The GPS chip outputs the positioning information which is transferred over a GPRS link to the mobile operator’s GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) and then to a remote server over a TCP connection. The TCP server stores the incoming positional data in a mySQL database. When a user clicks on the tracking page., Zope, which is an open source web application server, serves up an HTML page with an embedded javascript code. The javascript would run in the users browser and has instructions to retrieve the positional information from the mySQL database every second. It then integrates this information into Google Maps through Google Maps API which displays the position on a map. Since the positional information is retrieved every second and the maps updated at the same frequency, a real time GPS tracking effect is achieved. CONCLUSION Triaxial accelerometers can be used for detecting fall of ELDERLY PEOPLE. They offer low cost solution, and together with wireless connectivity solutions such as ZigBee provide efficient solution for both ELDERLY PEOPLE and medical personnel l. In this paper I have presented an intelligent mobile multimedia application that can be incorporated into modern mobile smartphones in order to be used for the needs of the elderly. It is in our future plans to evaluate this system in order to test its efficiency in actually helping these people sufficiently. It is also in our future plans to extend the system’s capabilities by incorporating new services. These services include the following: Embed a belt measuring heart rate as an external sensor Integrate a gyroscope sensor instead of an orientation sensor, for more accurate results Integration of social networks to alert senders Integrate public agency to alert senders Add a system administrator feature. References: A. Chan and N. Vasconcelos, â€Å"Counting people with low-level features and Bayesian regression,† IEEE Trans. Image Process., vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 2160–2177, Apr. 2012. E.Auvinet, F. Multon, A. Saint-Arnaud, J. Rousseau, and J. Meunier, â€Å"Fall detection with multiple cameras: An occlusion-resistant method based on 3-d silhouette vertical distribution,† IEEE Trans. Inf. Technol. Biomed., vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 290–300, Mar. 2011. Y. Hou and G. Pang, â€Å"People counting and human detection in a challenging situation,† IEEE Trans. Syst. Man, Cybern. Part A: Syst. Humans, vol. 41, no. 1, pp. 24–33, Jan. 2011 Y. Chen, L. Zhu, A. Yuille, and H. Zhang, â€Å"Unsupervised learning of probabilistic object models (POMs) for object classification, segmentation, and recognition using knowledge propagation,† IEEE Trans. PatternAnal. Mach. Intell., vol. 31, no. 10, pp. 1747–1761, Oct. 2009 F. Lecumberry, A. Pardo, and G. Sapiro, â€Å"Simultaneous object classification and segmentation with high-order multiple shape models,† IEEETrans. Image Process., vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 625–635, Mar. 2010

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Religion S Function

Freud had many views on the function on why we, as humans, make a big part Of our lives connected to religion. One reason he gives is because humans need a defense for the nature for which we cannot control. Freud believes that nature is cruel. Since we have absolutely no power over it, he believes we need protection, which would be the higher power. An example of this would be a natural disaster. This would include Hurricane Strain. Since people came together to help the victims of this uncontrollable event, one might say that there must be an explanation to why this horrible event happened.The explanation would be that God (or another higher power) has caused it so people would band together to help one another. I believe Freud is right when he says that religion defends against the cruel aspects of nature. People do come together when bad things happen and I believe that they think there must be an explanation for it and that's why they re there to help. Without religion, they may not see the benefit in helping others. On the other had, do not believe that nature is entirely cruel. Nature also provides us with things that are essential to our survival.These things would include rain for our crops, sunlight for our bodies, and even the trees that provide us with oxygen. If nature were entirely cruel, it wouldn't have done this. Another view that Freud had on the purpose of religion is to abject humans to live in a civilization. He believes that individual humans are a direct threat to civilizations, but humans as a whole consider it to be a benefit. To make a civilization work, there must be a leader recognized by the mass part of it. This leader pressures people to follow the rules, laws and other institutions.This leader would be the higher power. The rest, thus keeping the custom of the civilization going, adopted this coercion to the things civilians must follow. An example of this would be baptisms. Basically everyone in the Christian church has gotten b aptized, but why? This rite of passage into any Christian church has been used since the beginning of its existence. The reason is because people have a learned feeling that if they don't or don't have their child baptized, salvation cannot be achieved. Of course, people were not born with this idea, but rather coerced into believing it.The function of baptisms are to give people the feeling of safety and also that they are involved in civilization. This â€Å"rule† of Christian civilization is the reason that millions of people are baptized and will continue to be. Freud is definitely right with this belief. Believe this because my family is a perfect example of this. I was baptized in the Catholic Church when I was a baby, yet I never go to church. My parents fell into the civilization rule made by the leader that is religion. They were brought up to believe the same belief that millions around the world believe-that it would bring salvation.I will probably do the same to m y kids one day, since I now deem it as important A very important function of religion to Freud was that it made a moral code for humans to live by. This would include religious codes such as the Ten Commandments, the Noble Path of Buddha, the Five Pillars of Islam, or others. All of these represent a code that people should live by if they want to live a good life and be worthy enough for their higher power in the after life. Because of these codes, people don't kill one another, or other bad things for the civilization, but instead try to live a good life.This good life would include, according to these codes, giving to others, believing in their God, or praying. These rules that religion forces people to live by make for a better civilization, according to Freud. These rules apply directly to human civilization n the way hat they connect to the government laws in which people live by. An example of the application of the rules into the real world is that in most countries, it is illegal to kill someone. There are serious consequences for murder. The connection between the law of a country and the law of a religion show how much religion has influenced outside civilization.The moral code that was used for religious purposed which were followed by most, had been converted into the law used by many governments today. I believe Freud was right In saying that a large part of the function of religion is to provide a moral code for people. Without it, there could be the possibility that people would be allowed to run around killing left and right. Civilization wouldn't exist if this were true, because everyone would be dead. Although this is true, I also believe that even without the code, people would still find a way to maintain order. Onto think that chaos is only averted because of the moral codes, but because humans long for an orderly lifestyle. The drive for stable, maintained life styles is an evident characteristic of all humans. No one wants to be confus ed with his or her place in life all the time. It would cause psychological instability. One way or another, I believe that we would still have laws and regulations without religion. Peter Berger is another major thinker that had his own beliefs about the functions that religion has. One belief he had was that society shapes people.Babies are born as a blank slate of a person. With no beliefs, thoughts, or feelings on any subject in the world, they learn the things that surround them. The society that they are born into has already existed for years and it shapes the way the new person can live. This creates conformity. Berger also says that a process called objectification happens; this is when people grow up in a society where they take it for granted as the right way for living compared to other societies. A great example of this would be the terrorist attacks on 9/11.As Americans, we were stricken with fear and hostility towards the people who we believed to be evil and criminal . Our society we live in does not, under any circumstance, stand for such horrible attack against our beloved country. The terrorists didn't see it that way. The A-Qaeda found it to be the right thing to do. This directly shows objectification. Americans believed this act was of terror and were hurt deeply by it, while the terrorists didn't. The efferent backgrounds that we grew up in compared to what they grew up in explain the differences in behavior.Berger was correct with his belief on objectification, because it is clear that people from different societies act different then others. Everyone is born the same way -? with no knowledge of anything but to eat and sleep. The society in which we grow up in makes the person. Adding to this, I also believe that societies change with new generations. New generations don't only follow what their parents and grandparents did, but try to improve their life. This is shown by all the new technology We now live with. We always try to advance ourselves, but don't stray too far away from what we know.Another important belief that Berger had about the purpose of religion was that it helped humans give meanings to things. People can perceive of their own experiences in a meaningful way. This is very important because it makes chaotic things have its own significance. Without religion, in Burger's eyes, people would live with madness everywhere -? death, natural disasters and other tragedies. Berger uses the term cosmos, a notion of stability that links human experience to a divine order, offering a sense that our lives are tot mere combinations of random events but instead that our experiences are linked to some larger sacred plan.If a woman were to lose her sister to breast cancer, and then devote her life to raising money for research, she may vow that the death â€Å"meant something. † People give tragic accidents, like this one, a meaning. They reject the chaos nature of death by giving it a meaning that a divin e power created it for a reason. Susan G. Someone was the dying sister of Nancy G. Brinier, who then went on to create the Susan G. Someone for the Cure. It has since risen more then $2 billion in a fight against areas cancer. The terrible death of her sister made Brinier help decrease breast cancer mortality in the U.S. Stories like this are heard all over the world because religion helps them find meaning in horrible events such as death. I most definitely believe this is the case in humanity. Without religion, life would be depressing. People die every day. Without the thought that it was â€Å"all in God's plan†, I don't think people would have a reason to live. Why would anyone want to if everyone just died them with them themselves eventually joining them? There are many things that we give meaning to, that we need o give meaning to, in order to survive this hard life.

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Essay On Small Business Tax - 1029 Words

Proposed Small Business Tax Changes and Revisions On July 18, the Federal Government announced their intention to restrict certain tax planning strategies available to shareholders of private corporations that they felt unfairly benefit business owners over salary-earning Canadians. The consultation period during which stakeholders were allowed to provide comments on the proposals ended on October 2, 2017. Ottawa’s original proposals were met with widespread criticism from the business community. As a result, during Small Business Week, October 16 - 20, some revisions were announced. The below summarizes the original proposals as well as where we currently stand. Income Sprinkling Income sprinkling is a method utilized by some business†¦show more content†¦October 18 Revision The government will be simplifying their proposal for income sprinkling but will still move forward with introducing a reasonableness test. Details on how they plan to enact this legislation are forthcoming. The effective date of this proposal will be January 1, 2018. Ottawa will not move forward with the measures aimed at restricting use of the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE) as their proposal would have unintended and severe consequences on intergenerational transfers of a business. Passive Investments within Private Corporations A business owner that is generating excess cash on top of what they require to survive can take advantage of a tax deferral that is not available to salaried employees. The excess income generated can be invested in passive investments within the corporation. Since the excess income has been taxed at a lower corporate rate, this leaves more funds available for investment which allows for a higher level of compounding as well. Salaried employees are not in a position to be able to defer tax on an unlimited amount of income. Even though the business owner will eventually have to pay themselves dividends, Ottawa feels this deferral advantage gives them an unfair advantage over salary-earning Canadians. Original Proposal Current rules allow additional capital that is not paid out to the owners or used in the business to be left and invested within the corporation.Show MoreRelatedThe Role Of Value Added Tax In The UK701 Words   |  3 Pageseconomic development. After Income Tax and National Insurance, value added tax has become the third largest source of income for the British government. Value Added Tax is referred to as VAT. Its predecessor was Purchase Tax in the United Kingdom. And the government began to change to Value Added Tax officially in April 1973. Since January 4, 2011, the standard value added tax of the UK was increased from 17.5% to 20%. Value added tax applies to imports, business transactions and services that areRead MoreLimited Liability Company Structure Outline810 Words   |  3 PagesAbstract This essay outlines the best business structure for a sample company wishing to open a restaurant. The essay details why this structure is the most advantageous for the company. The advantages are listed and discussed in detail, explaining how each element applies to business law and operation for the sample company. One of the most defining elements of a new business is the business structure it assumes. This will determine the liability of its owners, how the company and its ownersRead MoreFuture Of A New Business1545 Words   |  7 PagesFuture of Business in Michigan Introduction Detroit is known as the Motor City of the United States of America. Its economy was largely depends on the auto industry prior to the declining of the industry in 2008. Now the industry is revitalizing as well as other small to medium business are popping up in Detroit. The city has taken several improvement projects to support the entry of new business. If the city could able to complete the projects with respect to infrastructure, business and socialRead MoreThe Sarbanes Oxley Act ( Sox )1526 Words   |  7 Pages Essay #1- Tax Advantages and Disadvantages of Sarbanes-Oxley Eric Kitts Liberty University â€Æ' Introduction The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 was implemented to deter fraudulent activities amongst companies by monitoring and auditing financial activities as well as set up internal controls to aid in the safeguard of company funds and investor’s interest. SOX also regulates the non-audit tax services (NATS) that can be performed by an auditing firm. SOX was passed by Congress in 2002 in anRead MoreA Tax Avoidance Case Study Essay1340 Words   |  6 PagesThe idea that morally dubious goals may be legitimate inside capitalism will be discussed in light of a tax avoidance case study. Apple, a multinational technology company, has avoided paying its fair amount of income tax for years. This paper will consider the structural embeddedness of Apple’s legitimised goal—the maximisation of profit—through the ‘Double Irish Dutch sandwich’ tax haven model. Durkheim’s theory of collective conscience was used in explaining the legitimisation of the co mpany’sRead MoreEntrepreneurship in Australia Essay1163 Words   |  5 Pagesis advancing at an astonishing speed in present-day society. Business, which is divided into large, medium and small business, has become a primary symbol of the development of market economy. Entrepreneurship is defined as the process, brought about by individuals, of identifying new opportunities and converting them into marketable products or services(Schaper and Volery 2007, 4), and it is often related to small business. This essay will argue that the level of entrepreneurship in Australia isRead MoreCarbon Tax Essay1132 Words   |  5 PagesCarbon Tax Essay In February 2011, the Australian federal government declared a scheme to implement a Carbon Tax from July 1, 2012. Implementing this scheme has generated a controversial debate between Australians. The term â€Å"Carbon tax† refers to an environmental tax forcing polluters to pay per ton of carbon which they release into the atmosphere. This essay will provide the economical, social and political implication of carbon taxes, also with its introduction who will benefit and who would sufferRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Minimum Wage In Taiwan1541 Words   |  7 Pages not only in Taiwan but also all around the world. There are many advantages of establishing minimum wage. It is not just a common reference when companies hire new employees but also can help certain families, help with setting small business budgets and reduce the tax burden (â€Å"11 advantages and disadvantages of minimum wage,† 2016). Establishing minimum wage is not only a policy of protectin g labor rights but also a way of maintaining a reasonable standard of their living. However, some of theRead MoreFiscal Policy And Fiscal Policies1560 Words   |  7 Pagesby Reserve Bank of Australia as an example. Furthermore, this essay discusses the Australian government fiscal policies during the period of 2010-2015 by looking on the government budget and explains all the answer from all the questions listed below. 1. Has the government been following an expansionary or contractionary fiscal policy between 2010 and 2015? Expansionary fiscal policy is made from increasing government spending and/or tax cut, thus, it increases government budget deficit or reducesRead MoreThe Tax Advantages Of Sarbanes Oxley Essay969 Words   |  4 Pages The Tax Advantages and Disadvantages of Sarbanes-Oxley Afua Nyamekye Liberty University The Tax Advantages and Disadvantages of Sarbanes-Oxley The 1990s and the early 2000s was a time that the world witness an explosion of fraud in the corporate world. Corporate fraud like Enron, HealthSouth, Waste Management, WorldCom, Lehman Brothers, etc. was so disturbing that lawmakers felt the need for a law to help curb down these frauds. Lawmakers came out with Sarbanes Oxley named after

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Classroom Management A Comparison Of Theorists - 1353 Words

Classroom Management: A Comparison of Theorists Sandy Harter Liberty University EDUC 624 04/03/2016 Explanation of Theorists Classroom management is a popular topic in education. Teachers are always looking for ways to improve their classroom environment, or new ways to deal with problem behaviors. For every person who has ever worked with children, there is an idea, a theory, as to how to best meet children’s needs. Early theorists provide the basis for many current behavior management ideas, and often include a combination of ideas. Theorists such as Abraham Maslow, Rudolf Dreikurs, William Glasser, and Stanley Coppersmith offer insight into the behavior and motivations of children that help teachers design strategies to prevent disruption and provide a positive learning environment for all students. Abraham Maslow According to Jones and Jones (2016), Abraham Maslow believed that when children demonstrated disruptive behavior, it was a direct result of not having their needs met; and if the needs go unmet, then the child will not be able to reach their full potential. Maslow offers a specific order of basic needs: (a) physiological needs; (b) safety and security; (c) belongingness and affections; (d) self-respect; (e) self-actualization; and (f) knowing and understanding (Jones Jones, 2016). A seventh level, discussed in Maslow’s original declaration, includes aesthetic needs (Kenyon, 2009). Taormina and Gao (2013) studied the effects ofShow MoreRelatedA Comparison of Theorist1317 Words   |  6 PagesA Comparison of Theorists Many of the greatest theorists of the past decade have helped form the foundation of knowledge. In this paper, this writer will compare two of the most talented theorists of the time. Abraham Maslow and B.F. Skinner are just two of the many theorists that have formed the organization in today’s classrooms. This paper will address the differences in the theories and the similarities. It will describe how each theory can be implemented in the learning environment of an earlyRead MoreMaslows Classroom Management Theory1442 Words   |  6 Pagesthe various motivations that contribute to behaviors that motivate or prevent learning from taking place. Maslow, Dreikurs, Glasser, and Coopersmith are a few theorists that offer insight for behavioral motivations. This paper will compare these theorists research and determine which views correlate with this writer’s classroom management theory. Maslow There are set of basic needs discussed by Maslow. Jones and Jones write that Maslow believes that these basic needs must be met for students toRead MoreSociety And Culture Unit Of Work Rationale1412 Words   |  6 Pagesthat have difficult behaviour the intention of using class discussion to provide a space where they can learn to empathise with other people in the classroom and engage with the discussion as an outlet for their need of attention. Class discussions are used widely because they can provide benefits on so many different levels for classroom management and for differentiation. The unit of work will start by exploring how individual identity is built up of a combination personal experiences and socialRead MoreComparison of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Skinners Behaviorist Theory1587 Words   |  7 PagesComparison of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Skinners Behaviorist Theory Typing Template for APA Papers: A Sample of Proper APA Fifth Edition Formatting Deborah DiBerardino Grand Canyon University: Educational Psychology EDU 313N Amy Wilkinson August 5, 2012 Comparison of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Skinners Behaviorist Theory The definition of motivation according to is: â€Å"The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way; theRead MoreCharacteristics Of Theorists Maslow s Behavior Management Theory1857 Words   |  8 Pages Compare and Contrast Theories Paper Stephanie Ford Liberty University Characteristics of Theorists Abraham Maslow The main element of Abraham Maslow’s behavior management theory is a hierarchy of needs. These needs begin with physiological needs and progress through safety and security, belongingness and affection, self-respect, self-actualization, and finally knowledge and understanding (Jones and Jones, 2013). Kenrick, Griskevicius, Neuberg, and Schaller (2010) state that theRead MoreTaking a Look at Hegemonic Assumptions1237 Words   |  5 Pagesabilities both inside and outside the classroom. So although my intentions were in the right place the outcome was the total opposite of what I wanted. A hegemonic assumption that I found in my teaching that I have not found discussed during my research is my belief that noise is always bad. This implies that if students are making noise they are being disruptive and not learning. Due to this belief I was quick to silence students speaking out of turn in my classroom and I had consequences for anyoneRead MoreHow Two Incredibly Innovative Behavior Theorists During Their Time Were By John B. Watson1014 Words   |  5 PagesAmanda Blom EDS 6123 - Educational Practices I Dr. Barbara Murray 20 November 2014 Supervision Research Paper Two incredibly innovative behavior theorists during their time were, John B. Watson, and B. F. Skinner. The spark of the behaviorism movement began after Watson published the classic article Psychology as the behaviorist views it in 1913 (McLeod, 2004). John B. Watson’s prestigious career began in 1903 when he learned his doctorate degree in psychology with a minor in philosophy. SoonRead MoreEffective Classroom Interaction And Pupil Management1422 Words   |  6 PagesAssignment 1 Effective lessons in IT Classroom interaction and pupil management Meeting individual differences Helping pupils learn Assessment The school curriculum and society What is an effective teacher? An effective teacher is a pupil manager that can aid personalised learning and classroom interaction. They are someone who meets individual’s needs and reduces teacher dependency. They understand the concepts of learning. The successful teacher cares, the successful teacher teaches well and theRead MorePsychology : The Nurture Theory And The Nature Theory1498 Words   |  6 Pagessomething unpleasant. Some theorists believe that attachment is formed using the operant theory as follows: the baby feels hunger and cries so the caregiver feeds the baby. The food is the primary reinforcer and the caregiver becomes the secondary reinforcer as they are now associated with the pleasure that the milk provides and thus an attachment is formed. Although operant conditioning has proved to be a very successful tool in behaviour management in the classroom and other situations (OperantRead MoreEdre515 Paper2024 Words   |  9 Pagesfrom the Second Vatican Council, the following discussion will review and critique the important religious education approaches that has had an impact on the Catholic schooling system for the past fifty years, and also help shape the contemporary classroom we teach in today. The Catechism Post Vatican II During the first Vatican the catechism was used as a primary source of educating Catholics of Christian faith and doctrines of the church. The catechism consisted of teachings particularly of the

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Odysseus as a Heroic Individual Thesis: Odysseus was a true hero he showed this through his determination and courage. Odysseus, A True Hero? What is a hero? The dictionary defines a hero as being a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability; an illustrious warrior; a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities; one that shows great courage. Odysseus was a true hero; he showed this through his determination and courage. The dictionary definition of a hero includes courage, strength and great ability. Odysseus fits the dictionary description of a hero. Two characteristics that I believe are essential to the definition of†¦show more content†¦Like instead of just blinding the Cyclops he killed him but he choose to go another way. â€Å"My heart beat high now at the chance of action, and drawing the sharp sword from my hip I went along his flank to stab him where the midriff holds the liver. I had touched the spot when sudden fear stayed me: if I killed him we perished there as well, for we could never move his ponderous doorway slab aside.† (Homer ix. 312-318), This also could have been true in various other situations like instead of just leaving Calypso he killed her, or if had made and attempt to kill the God Poseidon. I don’t perceive killing every man or woman you come into battle with as a heroic action. Sometimes to be the hero of a situation you must be the bigger man and walk away from a battle letting the other man live. The difference being that his peers see the death of an enemy as a victory whereas I see it as a loss. Killing someone doesn’t make you a winner it only makes you a loser, a true victory is one that both people walk away alive and yet one person may have the upper hand on the situation. A hero is a person that thinks about others before themselves, whether it be physical or emotional. A hero puts others in perspective with every aspect of their life. Odysseus shows this when sail past the sirens. Odysseus and his men must sail past the island of seductresses. He plugs the ears ofShow MoreRelatedThe Characters Of Jacob And Odysseus913 Words   |  4 Pagesoneself.† Acts of heroism are witnessed each and every day, some insignificant, while others more memorable. Present all over the world, individuals are admired for their great bravery, courage, and noble qualities. The Odyssey and the Holy Bible, two distinguished works of literature, clearly elucidate one’s journey to heroic status. Joseph, son of Jacob, and Odysseus, wanax of Ithaca, endure and surmount multiple obstacles in pursuit of fame and glory, with some assistance from divine interventionRead MoreEssay about Heroic Code in the Iliad and the Odyssey979 Words   |  4 PagesHeroic Code in the Iliad and the Odyssey In Websters Dictionary, a hero is defined as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of purpose, especially if this individual has risked or sacrificed his life. In the Iliad and the Odyssey, the code which administers the conduct of the Homeric heroes is a straightforward idea. The aim of every hero is to achieve honor. Throughout the Iliad and the Odyssey, different characters take on the role of a hero. Honor is essential to the HomericRead MoreA True Hero in the Epic of Gigamesh Essay1689 Words   |  7 PagesWhat makes a hero? A hero can be born into greatness and lead an ordinary life. A hero can achieve and glory greatness and carry a noble death to their name. What turns an individual into the characteristic of a â€Å"hero† will depend on the journey they set upon. From ancient Greek culture, the concept of a hero was built from idolizing a religious figure, a deceased person who received cult honors and was expected to return home bearing prosperity in f orms of plants or animals, back to their peopleRead MoreHeroism In Oedipus The King And The Odyssey1132 Words   |  5 PagesBrady Stobbe Dr. Dutch October 17 Heroism in Oedipus the King and The Odyssey Life is filled with a multitude of challenges and obstacles; in this case, life is often defined in relation to the ability if an individual to overcome and defeat such things. Aspects of heroism are evident in the situations and events that arise in the life of someone. This essay dives into the element of heroism that is evident is the stories: Oedipus the King and The Odyssey. Oedipus the King and The Odyssey shareRead MoreOdysseus Heroism in The Odyssey Essay584 Words   |  3 Pagesdecision to fight, not necessarily physically, for their values. Odysseus, the main character in The Odyssey, should be considered a hero. He put his own life in jeopardy to protect his men from the supernatural threats that they faced throughout their journey. Odysseus should be regarded as a hero because he is brave, clever, and cautious. Odysseus shows his heroism through his bravery. When Circe turned his men into swine, Odysseus confronted her: I drew my sharpened sword and in one bound heldRead MoreEpic Passages of The Epic of Gilgamesh and Homers Odyssey921 Words   |  4 Pagesa hero. Historically, in the texts, heroes such as Gilgamesh and Odysseus are protagonists viewed and credited with great bravery and most certainly heroism. Nearly all of the heroic figures throughout time, both fictitious and living and are viewed as a protagonist in their own epic challenge or struggle when looked back upon. Though many core elements of histories hero are found in today’s and it is epic passages such as Odysseus and Gilgamesh that have played a part in shaping the characteristicsRead MoreOdysseus The Hero Essay1504 Words   |  7 Pagesaccepts who he is as an individual, but strives to change himself for the better. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, the main character Odysseus is a valiant king who embar ks on a life-changing voyage. While traveling from Troy back to his home in Ithaka, King Odysseus overcomes daunting obstacles, and in doing so discovers his place in the world. Odysseus is truly a heroic figure because he demonstrates courage, improves his character, and wins the support of the gods. Odysseus is a hero becauseRead MoreOdysseus A Hero730 Words   |  3 PagesIs Odysseus a Hero? Heroes are often thought of as great figures that conquer evil, kill the monster, and save the day. Odysseus is often referred to as a hero. He is a strong individual striving to complete his goal, return to his wife and son and remove suitors that have taken his home. Although he is seen as a hero by definition and he appears to be one as well there are decisions he made that may not be truly heroic. In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus decisions to value his crews life, andRead MoreHow Does Homer Use The Effectiveness Of Ajax s Speech1723 Words   |  7 Pagesfinds most compelling. Conversely, Odysseus, although the most adept orator sent, is the least effective in convincing Achilles to rejoin the war. In my opinion, this is because while Odysseus uses a well-reasoned and debatably superior argument, Ajax, as a character, is similar to Achilles and is able to more effectively direct his argument towards Achilles’ defining characteristics. In this paper, I will argue that Hom er characterizes Achilles as an individual who is guided primarily by his emotionsRead MoreAnalysis Of Odysseus1716 Words   |  7 PagesKyle Hoffmann CPLT 2010 Paper 3 Odysseus from Hero to Villain One of the more famous characters of the ancient Greeks, Odysseus, has been written about for millennia. Homer composed an epic poem entirely about him. Dante wrote about Odysseus while describing his journey through the afterlife in Inferno. These two writers, though describing the same man, portray him in different lights – Homer lauding him as a valiant hero and Dante condemning him to burn for eternity. Each portrayal is a product